Up Your Take-Away Game With Wine and Music Matches!

Wine pairings for your next Takeaway Tuesday sorted. You’re welcome. Plus we’ve thrown in some cheeky music pairings too, because we’re wild like that.



Honestly, you can’t go wrong with pizza & wine. It’s got to be a Sangiovese for pepperoni, a zesty Pinot Grigio for a cheesy margherita, a dry Rosé with chilli prawn pizza, and Cabernet or GSM with meatlovers. Anything fancier and you’d better go with something Italian.

Music match: Taylor Swift


Who doesn’t love burger night? Angus beef cheeseburger is a dream with Shiraz, try Chardonnay with buttermilk fried chicken, and Pinot Noir with crumbed mushroom. So that’s the big stuff sorted – what are you doing for sides?  

Music match: Mumford & Sons


Chopsticks at the ready. It has to be Pinot Noir with Peking Duck Pancakes, a cool climate Chardonnay with Sweet & Sour Pork, Barbera with Beef & Black Bean, Champagne with Dumplings, and Lambrusco with Fried Rice.

Music match:
Meg Mac


It’s curry time. Butter chicken calls for a Chardonnay, Grenache pairs beautifully with the spices in Tandoori Chicken, and go for an off-dry Rosé with Beef Vindaloo or a Merlot if you want a red. Oh, and an over-order on the naan.

Music match: London Grammar


Turn up the heat! Go for an Aussie Sauvignon Blanc with Fish Tacos, Tempranillo with a beef burrito, dry Rosé with pulled pork soft shell tacos, Cava with ceviche and tostadas, and a Pinot Grigio with your nachos. Sombreros optional, but encouraged.

Music match:
Two Door Cinema Club

Fish & Chips

The nostalgia of fish & chips at sunset on the beach is hard to resist, and the best options are crispy & crunchy. With your classic, Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc is delightful. Prawn cutlets and calamari rings call for a Rosé, and potato scallops need a Chardonnay.

Music match: Fleetwood Mac


Don’t be scared off by the delicate flavours and spice. Off-dry Riesling is a winner with most Vietnamese food, including Chicken Pho and Spicy Stuffed Chicken Wings. Pork Bao or a Bahn Mi are a dream with Rosé, and go for bubbles with your crispy spring rolls.

Music match: Lizzo

Poké bowl

Close your eyes and pretend you’re in Hawaii. If your bowl has got tuna sashimi, go for a Riesling. If it’s salmon, a Semillon or Rosé will do nicely. If it’s teriyaki chicken, try a Pinot Gris or a Pinot Noir. A Crémant would also be sensational with all of the above.

Music match: Flight Facilities


Fresh food calls for fresh wine. Pair an off-dry Riesling with Pad Thai Chicken, or if it’s Beef Pad See Ew for you, grab a Pinot Noir. If you’re warming up with a Green or Red Curry, sip on a Gewüztraminer, and with your crispy entrées, you’ll want some bubbles.

Music match: Tame Impala


Okay, we know this isn’t technically ‘takeaway’ but we had to include it because #cheeseislife. Chardonnay or GSM are great all-rounders when it comes to this sort of snack meal, however Fiano, Sangiovese, Champagne, port or a sticky wine never go amiss.


Music match: The Teskey Brothers