Wine and Mexican? Oh yes, it works!

Don't only think ‘tequila’ when talking about drinking with Mexican food - there are plenty of vinous options!
mexican food pairing with wine

How to pair wine & Mexican food

If you think ‘tequila’ when talking about drinking with Mexican food, you’re definitely not alone. It can sometimes be hard to beat a zingy, salt-rimmed margarita when you’re chowing down on your tacos. 

But did you know that Mexico actually has a long wine history, and ranks 25th in the world for wine production? They’re producing some pretty special wines themselves, but even if you can’t get your hands on a local bottle, we’ve got a great guide for pairing your fave Mexican dishes with our fave tipple - wine. 

The thing to keep in mind when pairing Mexican food with wine is spice. The hotter the heat, the colder and sweeter the wine should be. Tannins are going to exacerbate spice as well, so go for something light to moderate on that front. 
Another thing to think about is the ingredients in your dish. Is it veggie-based, or meat? Does it have a lot of herbs? What about rice? What’s the sauce? All of these things will contribute to your wine choice. 

White meats tend to go better with white wines, and the same for red meat & wine. But veggies can go either way, depending on the sauce. Dishes with lots of herbs will pair beautifully with an acidic, herbaceous wine. 

Corn chips + salsa & Sangiovese

Sangiovese is divine with tomato-based dishes!

Fish tacos & Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, clean, crunchy and refreshing. 

Beef burrito & Tempranillo

Not too tannic, but plenty of dark fruits. 

Cheese quesadilla & Riesling

The acidity will cut through the melty cheese.

Veggie nachos & Chardonnay

Lots of flavours to complement each other.

Empanadas & Dry Rosé

Fruity and textural for a perfect pairing. 

Chili con carne & GSM

Both bold and hearty with lots of flavour.