Direct access to one of the world's finest portfolios of wine

Delivered straight from the cellars of the chateaux to your door
Antoine Huray
Senior Wine Buyer

With 15 years of trade and marketing experience in the wine industry, including 5 years as Asia Pacific Export Manager for CVBG.

There isn't a more equipped & passionate Australasian based wine negotiant to facilitate this world first International Marketplace and bring Bordeaux most sought-after portfolio to you.

Introducing the International Marketplace

Welcome to The Wine Collective International Marketplace – a global network of partnerships forged to bring rare and premium wines from the world's top producers direct to your door.

This exclusive initiative offers unprecedented access to thousands of the world's most coveted wines, sourced directly from the cellars of their makers. Whispered-about names including Château d'Yquem and Latour are now available in Australia to The Wine Collective members at the click of a button.

One such partnership is with renowned French fine wine negotiant, CVBG, which represents the absolute best of Bordeaux. Discover what is arguably one of the world's greatest portfolios of fine wine right here.

Direct from France

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About CVBG

The CVBG team believes that wine is a true reflection a landscape, an era, a culture, a quest and a story which deserves to be shared far and wide. Firmly committed to protecting these values, their mission is founded on building strong and caring relationships with customers and chateau owners alike, nurtured over the course of decades.

They guarantee access to an extensive selection of the finest wines, the assurance of impeccable storage conditions and the reliability afforded by high-performance information systems, ensuring that your deliveries arrive in perfect condition.

The dynamic and future focused team strives to make CVBG the best fine wine house possible and are driven by exacting standards and excellent customer service.

from Bordeaux to the world

World-class storage ensure wine is handled with utmost care

CVBG has built lasting mindful relationships with Bordeaux's elite properties