Festive Food & Wine Pairings

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year… which means you don’t want to go wrong with your food & wine pairings for your Christmas menu!


No matter what you’re serving your guests this festive season, our go-to guide below has got you covered. Santa hats are optional, but encouraged!

Festive finger food + Champagne

Why? Because bubbly is the perfect way to get the party started, and it goes with just about any entrée you choose to serve, warm or cold.

Roast turkey + Pinot Noir

Why? You don’t want anything with huge tannins, as turkey is a lean meat. And it’s likely you’ll be having cranberry sauce, and this is a dream with Pinot

Roast pork + Dry Rosé

Why? The crunchy crackling and juicy meat are delightful with a zingy, dry Rosé, especially if there are some herbs & garlic involved. 

Roast chicken + Viognier

Why? The depth and complexity of the fruit in Viognier is the perfect match for succulent roast chicken and all the trimmings. 

Nut roast + Gamay

Why? The acidity in the Gamay is a perfect pairing for an earthy, fatty nut roast - especially if you’ve got some cranberry thrown in there. 

Glazed ham + Grenache

Why? Sweet, salty, sticky ham is an ideal match for punchy, crunchy, juicy Grenache. The wine isn’t too heavy, and usually they’re packed with flavour. 

Fresh prawns + Riesling

Why? Because these are both staples of Aussie cuisine, and it would be rude not to. Zesty, citrus-driven Riesling is just like a fresh squeeze of lemon over your seafood. 

But of course, once the main affair is done we can't forget about dessert wines.

Christmas pudding + Tawny Port

Why? They’re both deep, dark and delicious. Think nutty, caramelised fruits and warming spice - these attributes in both complement each other insanely well. 

Pavlova + Late Harvest Semillon 

Why? Because they won’t overpower each other. The wine will intermingle beautifully with the citrus, passionfruit flavours of your pav. 

Boxing Day recovery BBQ + Sparkling Shiraz

Why? Because recovery brunches call for bubbles, and Sparkling Shiraz is ideal drinking for the day after, especially if you’re eating bacon & egg rolls.