Competition Winners


Win 1 of 10 $3,500 Black Friday Giveaways - Nov. 2023

Juliet M, Robert M, Boyd E, Todd B, Jason U, Enzo C, Craig D, Michael K, John B, Alan S.

Win 1 x $1,000 Penfolds Grange 2019 Flash Sale - Nov. 2023

Draw pending

Win 1 of 5 $3,500 Wine Frenzy Giveaways - Oct. 2023

Emily C, Paul S, Phil M, Gregory W, Kevin P.

Win 1 x $405 Dom Perignon - Oct. 2023

Barry J.

Win 3 x $1,000 Penfolds Grange - Sept. 2023

Keith W, Scott P, Bruce C.

Win 20 x $500 Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge - Sept. 2023

Michael M, Brian B, Meredith & Keith G, Lynton B, Darryl S, Dean M, Ryan K, Ruth M, Brendan W, Mike C, Michael O, Michelle K, Ian M, David J, Christian V, Andrew M, Glen K, Jenny T, Denis L, John L.

Win $3,700 Trip to New Zealand for Two - July 2023

Steven T.

Win $800 Spa Voucher + $200 Gourmet Traveler Voucher - May 2023

Paul W.

Win 6 x Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Champagne - May 2023

Margaret B, Ian W, Kate W, Pamela J, Glen T, Andrea H.

Win Palm Cove Trip to Paradise - May 2023

Philip G.

Win $400 Gourmet Traveler Gift Cards - May 2023

Peter N.

Win The Ultimate Dinner Party Starter dozen - May 2023

Christine R.

Win 10 x $100 Coles Vouchers - May 2023

John G, Ted S, Hugh B, Ron G, Jeay L, Alex S, Russell D, Michael W, Charles A, Daniel L.

Win $2,500 restaurant and wine voucher for you and 5 friends at a hatted restaurant courtesy of Accolade Wines - June 2023

Ian M.

Win $15k money-can't-buy trip to Tassie - March 2023

Andrew S

Win $3,510 worth of incredible wine - March 2023

Laurie M

Win $15k Worth Of The World's Most Illustrious Wines + Accessories & Fridge! 2022

Phillip H

Win A Bottle Of DRC 2022

Jane K.B

Win 1 million My Collective Reward Points - 500k for you, 500k to share! 2022

Liam T

Win A Bottle Of Penfolds Grange 2022

Jakob C

Win Your Order Back In Points 2022

Birdsall B

Win A 100 Point Wine Pack 2022

Gary F

Win a Vintec Wine Fridge 2022

Elizabeth J

Australia’s Biggest Ever Wine Tour! 2022

Mark W

$5,000 wine voucher to spend at The Wine Collective - January 2022

Maria DS.

Win 1 of 5 bottles of 2015 Penfolds Grange - December 2021

Michael S
Alan LR
Alexa Y
David T
Paul G

Win A Free bottle Of DRC La Tâche 2018 -November 2021

Brendan B

Win Wine for a Year - November 2021

Cindy W

Win Barossan Wine Tour - June 2021

Des K R

Win 1,000,000 Loyalty Points To Share With Friends - April 2021

Justin B

Win 500,000 Loyalty Points For Completing Quiz - April 2021

Robert J

Win An Iconic 6-pack worth over $12,500 - April 2021

Andrew V

Win A Leibherr Wine Fridge Full of Wine - April 2021

Jannie B

Win Australia's Biggest Wine Tour - April 2021

Jamie D

Win $2000 Worth Of Wine - April 2021

Taryn Z

Win 100,000 Loyalty Points - April 2021

Annie E, Christopher H, John K, Andrew B, John G, Dan B, Corinna S, Ian L, Russell P, Kim M

Win Coravin Pro Elite + Wine Masterclass - March 2021

Patrick P

Win $5,000 Premium Six Pack - March 2021

Jedda R

Win Gold Status For A Year - March 2021

Simon S, Stephen B, Raymond M, Mark F, Anne K, Mark L, Raymond S, Chris T, Darren A, Cristina M, Madonna M, Alex H, Elizabeth R, Gary Er, Geoffry S B, Bradon E, Vanessa J, Garry R, Bevan R, Gerard B, Paul S, Kristy M, Peter Lindborg, David C, Anna H

Win Back The Value Of Your Order In Points - March 2021

David W, David F, Tom T, Lilla W, Peter H, Qian W

Win 1,000,000 Loyalty Points - March 2021

Jack W, Steven T, Ross F H

Win a bottle of Penfolds Grange - November 2020

Yew H and Jenny Y

Win Back Your Order - November 2020

Antony B, Antony F, Carol B, Henry M, Donna Z, Daryl B, Ken T, Luke A, Michael R, Lisa T, Henry A, Clare L, W M, Robyn F, Jonathon E, Russell C, Leonie M, Tim V , Garry I, Rod W and Anthony W

Win $14,000 Worth of Wine - October 2020

Fab M

Win $5,000 Worth of Sommelier Selected Wine - October 2020

Qiang M

Win a Vintec wine fridge - September 2020

Frank W

Win a bottle of Penfolds Grange - July 2020

Ron M

Win Wine for a Year - June 2020

Joel G

Win trip to Giant Steps, Yarra Valley - June 2020

Kenneth G

Win a trip to Italy - March 2020

Elizabeth H

Win a Vintec Wine Fridge - March 2020

Scott B

Win a trip to Tahbilk, Nagambie Lakes - March 2020

Ian T

Win a $5,000 Wine Voucher - March 2020

Andrea V

Win a trip to Petaluma, Adelaide Hills - January 2020

Melissa K

Win a Vintec Wine Fridge - November 2019

Belinda R

Win a $1,200 Wine Voucher - November 2019

Frank L

Win back your wine order - November 2019

Campbell J , Iain S & Anthony B

Win a trip to St Hallett, Barossa Valley - August 2019

Andrew S

Win a trip to New Zealand - July 2019

Lisa S

Win a trip to Mandala, Yarra Valley - July 2019

John O

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