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Sauvignon Blanc, or ‘sauv blanc’, is a typically a dry white wine originally from the Bordeaux region and Loire Valley of France where it is still produced in great numbers today and often blended with Semillon to produce Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé blends. This particular grape variety enjoys temperate climates and so has been successfully grown and produced in Australia, New Zealand, Chile and the United States, with many fine examples of this light bodied variety climbing on to the world’s stage in recent years. 

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The history of the Sauvignon Blanc begins in France, where most superior wine varieties tend to originate, but it does not end there. It was first referenced as far back as the 1500’s but is typically thought to have developed real popularity throughout the seventeenth century. The Loire Valley and the Bordeaux region where it first started – and continues to be grown and produced – are renowned for producing very dry Sauvignon Blanc with high acidity levels. There it is usually paired with seafood dishes including oysters and delicate fish like sole, herbal and briny sauces with plenty of fresh and zesty herbs, as well as tangy dairy dishes. 

This versatile grape variety, despite being a white grape, is also the parent of the cabernet sauvignon grape, a relationship only recently confirmed via plant pathology and DNA testing. As a highly versatile grape variety, it has very successfully been grown outside of France with many Australian regions boasting very fine examples of this dry white wine. Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc is gaining recognition internationally as one of the finest examples of the type while Marlborough Hills in New Zealand also enjoys a very fine reputation for delivering crisp and refreshing selections. The antipodean Sauvignon Blanc tends to differ quite a bit from the traditional French variety.

Characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc, like more wine grape varieties, will vary depending on where the grape is grown with different regional climates and soil composition impacting the final flavours to sometimes add complexity and sometimes deliver punchy sweetness and tropical overtones. Variations like the fruitiness of the flavours will sometimes evoke echoes of lime, peach and apple and other times deliver an almost grassy and herbal aroma. Given the wide variety of flavours possible from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, food pairing options abound. It generally pairs very nicely with goats cheese and crisp green vegetables, regardless of the wine region in which it has been produced, as these two foods tend to help bring out the flavours of the wine. 

Varieties grown in the Loire Valley, the grape’s ancestral home, as mentioned earlier tend to be very dry and are often described as having gooseberry and nettle characteristics with a very crisp tasting acidity. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will usually lean toward herbaceous characters with intense citrus flavours and tropical fruit tones. Australian wine from Western Australia is typically sweet and tropical tasting due to the warmer climate in which the grapes are grown, while the cooler Adelaide Hills is perfect for developing the signature crisp and fresh Sauvignon Blanc flavours so highly prized in France. King Valley sauvignon blanc also offers that classic crispness with its cooler climate location in southern Victoria while Orange in New South Wales is fast becoming a serious contender with the combination of his altitude and cool climate geography proving a very successful area for producing crisp, herbaceous white wines. 

How long can you keep Sauvignon Blanc?

Most white wines, once opened, will keep well in the fridge for about a week if they’re sealed and not agitated too much. Always store an opened bottle lying down and resealed, never on the door of the fridge where it will typically rattle around. This is especially true of sparkling wine varieties. 

If you are considering cellaring your Sauvignon Blanc, then you have a few options. Most Sauvignon Blanc is young and when pulled off the shelf it’s expected to be drunk quite quickly. Having said that, most off the shelf varieties will keep for a couple of years in a cool and dark environment, with consistent temperature. Remaining consistent with temperature is the key factor when storing your wine as spikes in temperature can lead to ‘cooking’ your wine and fouling the taste of it. There are one or two New Zealand varieties which have been developed specifically for aging, describing the process as bring depth and character to their wine and an almost honeysuckle softness in the finish.

If you are storing wine bottles with corks in your cellar, always store them lying down. This ensures that the corks stay wet and do not shrink, allowing air inside the bottle and also preventing the cork from crumbling when it comes time to finally drink your aged wine.

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