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Grenache wine, or the Spanish Garnacha, is a versatile red wine that is produced all over the world. Available from dry to sweet and light bodied, it is often partnered with other grape varieties to produce stunning blends as well as enjoyed as a single varietal.

Among Grenache possibilities, our red wine possibilities also include all of your favourites like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Rose wine. Our collections have been sourced by ancient and new world winemakers alike to offer you a spectrum of flavours and styles influenced by centuries of careful crafting and the marriage of new potential made possible with new technology. Our selection of Red Blend Wines are a perfect place to begin exploring what the old masters and the new kids on the block are developing. 

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What is Grenache?

The Grenache wine is originally a grape variety that hails from Northern Spain where it’s known as Garnacha. As an easy to grow vine, it’s been transported from its native Spain to the rest of the world into a range of wine regions including Australia, Italy, the United States, South America and, of course, France where it is known as the Grenache grape. The characteristics of this wine are very varied and it’s been known as a dry red as well as a sweet, depending on where it has been grown. 

The vine is produces naturally sweet fruit and is incredibly hardy which adds to its appeal among vintners but also has ensured that Grenache has a rocky history among wine appreciators. The widespread nature of its growth around the world was criticised for diluting the wine’s qualities but in recent times it has seen a resurgence among winemakers who are passionate about producing high quality wines from this highly versatile grape variety. There has been particular focus on its ability to produce rich, full bodied styles and this has helped to regain its footing in the wine world and among wine drinkers who may not have otherwise stumbled across this alternative variety.

Given that it’s so high in natural sugars and its natural aromatic qualities, it’s been identified as a very easy grape to blend with other styles. It’s blending partners include the tannic Shiraz grape, particularly in Australian where Shiraz is a speciality and highly regarded, but also most notably in France from Châteauneuf du Pape. Although as a single varietal it is generally enjoyed as a young, fresh wine, with careful winemaking, it has been known to produce powerful reds that age incredibly well, develop complex characters over time. In fact, French winemakers have ranked it as highly as the cabernet sauvignon wine for developing complexity, depth and for its aging potential.

Because it thrives so well in warm climates, it’s easily adaptable from its comfortable home in the South of France for bold Australian winemakers across a range of regions including South Australia’s Barossa Valley. It has also enjoyed attention from winemakers in South Africa alongside their signature Pinotage Wines

Is Grenache wine sweet?

The Grenache vine produces wine of all kinds and varieties and it variably known to be very dry or quite sweet, depending on the winemaker and the region in which the grape is grown. Wine production in France typically blends their Grenache with their Syrah grape (or Shiraz for Australians) while in Australia the slowly developed South Australian Grenache wine production gets better and better for their single varietal releases. The Grenache grape vine will only get better with age and the vines planted in the nineteenth century are continuing to produce higher and higher qualities examples of this delectable noir wine.

In Australia and the bush vine wine regions, the Grenache is known to produce a medium bodied wine with a tannin structure very similar to a typical Australian Shiraz. As a red fruit that relishes the heat, it’s relatively easy to produce complex and fuller styles of wine in Australia than other cooler climate regions. When the harvest is picked earlier, the fruit produces wine finessed into more complex wine varieties and styles. It’s known as a ‘bush vine’ because of how easily it looks after itself. The hardy vine does not need to be trellised and instead comfortably grows without careful tending to generate natural air flow and light penetration for clean and easy harvesting.

Tasting notes from Australian grenache are generally fruity tones evoking tones of pomegranate, wild strawberries, violets and red fruits. When oak treated, it’s known to take on the smooth vanilla tones of the wood and produce an even deeper complexity of smokiness. This depth will pair beautifully with a range of stewed meats and braised steak and chicken, or even coarse game. Hearty dishes are the friend of the Grenache who holds up well even against spicy Asian cooking. Think shepherds pie and steak and kidney for cool winter evenings or, throughout the warmer months, consider a milder curry like a Rogan Josh or a Moroccan tagine. 

All of our wines are tested and tasted by our wine experts who ensure that they’re personal tasting notes are available for you to compare your wine preferences to. If you’re looking to begin a tasting odyssey of your own into the world of red wines, then the Grenache is a great place to start. It offers new appreciators of the red grape a relatively lively introduction with milder examples being gentle and smooth tasters to start you off. As you grow in confidence you can branch out and start making comparisons of your own between French Grenache and Australian varieties, and whether you feel it’s strong enough to stand on its own or better in a range of blends. 

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