Koch El Mezcal Artesanal Maguey Tepeztate 45.14%

Technical Attributes
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Tasting Notes

About this mezcal • Blanco/Joven • Wild Agave • Artisanal Mezcal Tepeztate (Agave Marmorata Roezl) • 12-15 years of agave maturation • Handcrafted in San Baltazar Guelavila's village, Oaxaca • Two distillations in copper still Notes: • Aromatics: subtle and calming with tones of apple peel, jalapeño, match smoke, strawberry, wet stone, grapefruit skin, orange flower, pine. • On the palate: Mandarin and avocado leaves are subtle notes on the mid palate. While equally as calming, the body is quite concentrated. It displays flavors of herbs, lemon, pineapple, fresh flower, white pepper, minerals, orange flower Koch Mezcal Koch are guardians in the preservation of the ancestral and artisanal processes of Mezcal with 100% agave. Koch integrate and collaborate with more than 15 communities and over 50 producing families. KOCH EL MEZCAL more than a brand... It is a life project for our 52 producing families.