2021 Saint Pierre

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

The Triauds, a sincere and authentic family In the world of wine, family is a much-flaunted value; many talk about it, yet few experience it quite like the Triauds. The story starts at the cusp of the Second World War, when Henri Martin, whose grandfather was a winemaker at Gruaud-Larose, acquired plots of vines from a number of classified growths in Saint-Julien, patiently building "his own" vineyard, Château Gloria. Then, in the mid 70s, the family business was boosted by the arrival of his son-in-law, Jean-Louis Triaud. This arrival marked the beginning of a 40-year carreer for this charismatic man with a wonderful sense of humor. In 1982, by a strange quirk of fate, the opportunity arose to purchase 1855 4th classified growth, Château Saint-Pierre, from which Henri Martin has once bought vines to establish Gloria. Henri Martin and Jean-Louis Triaud worked hard, side by side, to develop both family estates. Saint-Pierre, the linear, elegant, archetypal Medoc features among "the greatest value wines in the whole of Bordeaux". Today, Jean Triaud, along with his wife, Caroline, and his brother-in-law, Orphée Amougou, is the third generation at the helm of the family estates. And the 4th is already on board. Thus, this family knows how to work collaboratively to continue to pass on this magnificent family legacy. The 2021 vintage, patience and determination The 2021 will not be forget by the Triauds and the teams, as much for the difficult way in which it played out, as the conclusion and resulting quality, which is really quite good. More than anything, it was the first year on the path to organic conversion , which the team have accomplished in spite of it all. It is a great sign for the future. Jean Triaud tells you about this vintage: