Almost wine time...

Red wine comes in a range of varieties and flavour profiles from rich and full bodied tastes to light and smoky delights. The Wine Collective draws on over 70 years of wine experience to bring you the broadest selection of the best red wine varieties produced both here in Australia, as well as from all over the world. Choose from our favourites including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Merlot, Grenache, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and rose wine, as well as whole range of exciting blends including Sangiovese Merlot, Pinot Noir Rose, Grenache Blend, Red Bordeaux, Merlot Blend Wines and many more. 

Every bottle and every vintage of red wine available from The Wine Collective has been personally tasted by one of our wine experts who can offer their tasting notes across our entire range. We can curate a list of delicious examples based on your preferences and introduce to you to a range and world of wine you may never thought existed. Among our selection also includes a huge variety of white wine and sparkling wine including Australian Chardonnay, French Champagne, Italian style Prosecco from Innocent Bystander, Semillon and Riesling as well as a range of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc varieties as complex and different as the producers who make them. Choose from local vineyards including Vasse Felix, Crackerjack and Paringa Estate or sample the best of the best from France, Italy and Argentina. 

When it comes to red wine, there is so much rich and vibrant history and so much new and exciting experimentation that the types and varietals available are as varied as every region and country which produces them. 

The history of wine has relatively unknown heritage, but civilisations have been writing about it – and devoting Gods to it – since at least the 7th Century BC. And, that’s what we absolutely know about it. It’s generally considered that red wine was produced at least as far back as 8000 BC. It’s no wonder that there are some many amazing types available if we’ve been making red wine for over eight millennia.

Along the evolution of red wine can various ways to transport and store it and those ways are still informing the flavour profiles of wines produced today. Amongst the most expensive wines available around the world today, the 50 of them are aged in oak barrels, a practice believed to have begun about 900 BC in Gaul (or modern-day France). Today, French oak is considered one of the best materials used for aging wines like chardonnay and Pinot Noir as both of these varietals are renowned for picking up flavours much more easily than varieties like cabernet sauvignon. French oak is also used to age Fortified Wines like Sherry Wines and Port Wines

How long does red wine last?

How long your red wine will last after you have opened it will depend on the type of red wine you’re drinking. Generally speaking, a fuller-bodied wine like shiraz, merlot, Malbec Wines and cabernet sauvignon will last for up to four days when sealed and stored in a cool, dark space. Generally, wines with a higher acidity level and more tannins will last longer than those with lower levels. 

If you’re wondering how long red wine lasts before opening then you can count on your wine staying perfect for a couple of years, as long as the conditions you are storing it within are right. Fine red wines are developed under special conditions and designed to be ‘cellared’ for a very long time but most off the shelf red wine varieties will still store comfortably as long as the area is dark, relatively cool and maintains a constant temperature. It is the consistency of temperature that is the most important part of storing wine, which is why a dark space is usually preferable. Constant changes in temperature – for example, if you’re planning to store your wine above the stove, in a cupboard near the dishwasher, etc – will result in ‘cooking’ your wine. The taste and flavours will be off, usually tasting stewed and generally not being enjoyable at all. 

Is red wine good for your health?

The motto ‘everything in moderation’ fits red wine as well as it does everything else we enjoy. There are some health studies which have cited evidence that says a single glass of red wine every day has benefits for maintaining heart health, but it’s important that you check with your own physician before you start guzzling wine ‘for your health’. It’s also a good idea to check exactly what unit of measurement health studies are referring to when they say ‘a glass’ as glass sizes (and the pourer’s discretion) will likely vary.

How to store red wine

A wine cellar is cool, dark and slightly humid environment ideally suited to storing red wine because there is very little in the way of environmental factors which influence the consistency of those conditions. As mentioned earlier, the consistency of temperature is one of the most vital parts of wine storage – regardless of the type – and variations in the temperature of your storage environment will ultimately damage the taste profile of your wines, possibly ‘cooking’ them if the temperatures are too high. Having said that, however, there are some sweet wines like the Portuguese Madeira, a fortified wine type, that is able to sustain higher temperatures a little better owing to its exposure to high temperatures throughout the winemaking process. 

Not all of us have access to a wine cellar or a wine fridge carefully calibrated for cellaring and, truth be told, not all wines are made for cellaring anyway. Younger wines available off the shelf are designed to be enjoyed immediately and will generally only store well for a couple of years. You may get a slightly longer shelf life from red wines that white wine varieties owing to more tannins in the reds. 

If your wine bottled has been corked, then it should be stored lying flat. This keeps the cork moist and the seal it forms intact to ensure that air does not seep in. It also ensures that the cork doesn’t dry out and crumble when you try to remove it once it’s ready for drinking.

Our selection of red wine is ready and available to order online, for delivery direct to your door. You can browse our entire selection online and select for yourself the classics and the blends that most intrigue or interest you, or you can chat with a wine expert from The Wine Collective and allow us to help you form an exciting list of possibilities from amongst our many and varied options. 

Every red wine option available will come with the tasting notes of one of our experts as well as the history and origins of its productions. Supporting small and medium sized wineries is what we are passionate about as we often find that the best wines come from smaller, more boutique, operations devoted to developing the best taste they possibly can. 

Order from our selection of red wine today and have your next wine odyssey delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia.