Why You Should Be Drinking Grenache

If Grenache was a person, it would be the voluptuous, sun-loving lady with vibrant red lipstick and a personality that has everyone at the party wrapped around her little finger.
grenache grapes growing on vineyard



Grenache originally hails from Spain, Italy and France, but here in Australia, this gregarious grape has been around since the beginning of our wine history. True, it started life here in fortified wines, and then provided the punchy fruit characters in blends with Shiraz and Mataro. 

But single variety Grenache has steadily found a home for itself in the hearts of wine lovers all over the country, and James Halliday even chose a Grenache as his 2020 Wine Of The Year. 

Why Grenache?

So what makes Grenache so loveable? It’s got to be approachability. It’s got more body than a Pinot Noir, but the tannins are softer than a Shiraz or a Cabernet. It’s juicy, crunchy and fruity - think pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry, and wild violets wrapped around some warm cinnamon spice and fine tannins. Older fruit produces softer, more warming spice notes with plush, intense red fruits and a bolder body. 


One of our absolute favourite food & wine pairings for Grenache is Lebanese food. Think succulent, melt-in-your-mouth lamb, tart and juicy pomegranate (sprinkled fresh or in a sauce), bitey garlic toum and smooth labneh. These are all perfect pairings with the vibrant red fruits that you find in a Grenache. Drool! 

The top regions for Grenache in Australia are McLaren Vale and the Barossa - so, with our blessing, go forth and Grenache.