Quiquiriqui Madrecuishe Mezcal 700mL

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Technical Attributes
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Tasting Notes

Madrecuishe grows mostly in the drier climates of Oaxaca, and typi- cally takes a tall, cylindrical form. It is harvested at between 14-16 years depending on the area where it grows. Due to the agave’s dense core and low water content, Mez- cal made from Madrecuishe typi- cally has an earthy tone. QQRQ’s Madrecuishe is made by Maestro Mezcalero Natalio Vazquez, at his palenque in El Palmar, from wild and semi-wild plantations in Sitio El Palmar, San Luis Amatlán, and Miahuatlán. It has a gentle back- ground of smoke in the mouth, with layers of zesty citrus fruits, flowers and roasted agave fibre, finishing silky smooth, with a dried-herb-like quality and a clean mineral edge.

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