NV Merlet Creme de Mure Sauvage Blackberry Liqueur 700ml

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The Collective Review

The Merlet Creme de Mure Sauvage Blackberry Liqueur is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the fine taste of premium liqueurs. Its exquisite taste, unique aroma, and unparalleled quality make it a top choice for discerning connoisseurs.

Crafted with utmost care and using traditional techniques, the liqueur has a rich, velvety texture that perfectly complements the bold, juicy flavour of wild blackberries. The fruit is sourced from selected farmers, and its ripeness is carefully monitored to ensure that only the best goes into the bottle.

What sets the Merlet Creme de Mure Sauvage Blackberry Liqueur apart is the family's exceptional expertise in liqueur production, which has been passed down through generations. The result is a drink that captures the essence of nature in every sip.

Perfect for sipping straight or as a key ingredient in a cocktail, the Merlet Creme de Mure Sauvage Blackberry Liqueur is an elegant addition to any liquor cabinet.

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Technical Attributes
Tasting Notes

Located in the Saintonge land (French area of the Charentes), the Merlet family selected it’s blackberries with contracted producers to create this liqueur. It is crafted through an artisanal method of fruits infused in neutral spirit, in order to genuinely deliver their aromas.

Winemakers Note

The Merlet family has honed their unique expertise to produce ten exceptional fruit liqueurs. They oversee every stage of the process, starting from the selection of the fruit to the bottling of the final product.

The fruit's quality is of paramount importance to the family, and they control the ripeness of all fruits through their experience in growing blackcurrants.

They source fruits from meticulously chosen farmers and macerate them in high-quality alcohol to extract maximum flavour. The perfect quantity and ripeness of the fruit ensure that the liqueurs are brimming with concentrated, exceptional aromas.

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