The Sister's Run Story
"The Truth is in the vineyard but the proof is in the glass" Sister's Run is serious fun. Our talented young winemaker Elena wears steel cap work boots every day of course, but carries a pair of high heels in back of the ute, only for emergencies, like last minute invitations to accept trophies at gala wine show dinners and the like. Returning from a 'knees-up' at midnight, mid vintage, she managed to kick off one high heel and slip back into a boot' just as the cellar crew cried out, 'Run Sister Run'; and exactly then our winemaker and label took flight! The stiletto and boot are Sister's Run; an independently owned and operated winery with a fierce commitment to making the best wines we can from family vineyards. We don't take ourselves as seriously as we take our wines, but agree with Elena, all you need to know about wine is the five 'V's and - remember - the best wine is the wine you like. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we did making it.
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Colour: Ultra light golden and faintly viscous. Nose: Lemon zest, talcum powder, Fleur de Sel. A perfumed and distantly musky chardonnay with stone fruit aromatics in wait. Identifiable, attractive, approachable chardonnay. Entry: A full palate of white wine; chardonnay running on all cylinders.. Middle Palate: Ripe stone fruits such as nectarine and peach; just enough green apple flesh for balance; a knife point of mango. Textural across the palate, with some grip and breadth. Finish: Finally, a sluicing of cleansing acidity, making for a complete wine.Pairs well with roast chicken. As simple as you dare.
How was it made?
A true expression of Chardonnay grown in McLaren Vale in all its fruitful glory. We aim to rekindle the love of Chardonnay. A reference to tropical fruits such as rockmelon and pineapple lurking in the background on the entry, bright acidity with juicy peach and butterscotch notes. Freshness to intense tropical fruits with a textural, nutty finish.
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