2021 Carmes de Rieussec

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

« With Carmes, we have sought to continue to translate the ambitious environmental work we do in the vineyard into our bottle. But the objective is also to be able to convey its message to as many people as possible: that of a light-hearted, unpretentious wine, perfect for every occasion, that will prove even to the most die-hard sceptics that opening a bottle of Sauternes brings joy every time. » Saskia de Rothschild Carmes de Rieussec is an accessible and generous wine. It assumes its singularities. It has a no-nonsense attitude. It is tasty, sincere and spontaneous. Adventurous, it evolves according to the vintage. Surprising, it knows how to approach excellence. As a good Sauternes, it is a wine that can be kept for the future, but it can also, and perhaps most importantly, be drunk immediately. No need for special occasions. It is festive, playful. NEW PACKAGING! Breaking with the archetype of conventional Sauternes, with its transparent glass and elaborate gilding, the new bottle of Carmes de Rieussec 2021 is a radical contrast: a new long and thin shape, far from the classic Bordeaux bottle; a bottle made from PcR glass, "post-consumer recycled" made from recovered and recycled domestic glass; a new glass colour less polluting, like Chateau Rieussec, with its unprecedented opacity; and finally a new identity with the crown, a traditional emblem that has always been associated with Sauternes, which takes on a contemporary look here and becomes the symbol of the king of the party. TASTING NOTE The nose is subtle, with an initial minerality, with notes of hot stone and dry grass after the storm. This is followed by fruity notes of fresh apricot and some white flowers. On the nose and palate, we are guided by a Sauvignon aroma (39% Sauvignon Blanc in the blend) with a light lemony feel and plenty of freshness on the palate. The confit is discreet, the wood very well integrated, giving life to a chiselled wine to which we want to return.