2015 Beychevelle

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Beychevelle, land of wines and legends Just like fine wines, legends invite us to dream and unleash all sorts of emotions within us. At Beychevelle, legends abound and are at the heart of the identity of this 4th Grand Cru Classé of 1855: one can think first of the origin of its name and emblem which were created in homage to its 17th century owner, the first Duke of Epernon, Grand Admiral of France. There is also this majestic bicentennial cedar tree that stands at the entrance of the property and watches over the vineyards. We can also mention the historical representations of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, alias Molière... For centuries, the lands of Beychevelle, which span 250 hectares, including 90 hectares of vines, have been a deep and unlimited source of inspiration for the creation of the Grand Vin.