The Rosé Revolution


Rosé, Rosato, Rosado, Rosévin, Roséwein, Różowe wino… no matter what you call it, you’re bound to have noticed the vast array of pink wine taking over the world.

For the most part, rosé hails from France. Or, more specifically, from Provence. They take it very seriously there, and some of the world’s finest rosés come from this region. It’s no wonder it’s often called the rosé capital of the world.

Closer to home, Rosé really is having a revolution. For a drink that was once seen as lesser because it was mass produced and imported from places like Portugal and France, the rise of rosé wine truly is spectacular. Sales continue to rise as wine lovers around the country become more and more familiar with the prettiest wine around. There are even entire wine bars and whole festivals dedicated to the pink drop!

Walk down the Rosé aisle in any bottle shop or wine store and you’ll see a veritable rainbow of different shades of pink – from vibrant, almost neon hot pinks to pastel, barely blushed hues, and everything in between. And then comes the taste. You can expect sweet, savoury, dry, textural, punchy, smooth, light, creamy, heavy – you name it!

Home Grown

In Australia, grenache is one of the most popular varieties to make rosé from. But other varieties like tempranillo, shiraz, nebbiolo, sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir also make delicious pinks. Top Aussie regions for producing rosé are Margaret River, Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley and the Barossa.

The great thing about rosé is that it can be drunk all year round. But it is really in its prime in the warmer months. There’s nothing more magical than a summer picnic or BBQ with friends, delicious food and a glass of gorgeous pink in your hand. Right?

To Eat

It’s such a versatile drink, and because it can be made in so many different styles it tends to be a great food wine. If you’re sipping a lighter, drier Provence-style pink, definitely go for some Mediterranean flavours in your food. If you’re enjoying a sweeter, fruitier style rosé, you can’t go wrong with some homemade pasta or pizza. If bubbly pink is on the menu, whip up a gourmet cheese & charcuterie board and you’ll be set.