NSW | The Birthplace of Australian Wine

New South Wales has the longest growing history with grape growing within Australia - the original cuttings arrived with the first fleet!

Situated on the continent's east coast the highly populated state represents about 30% of Australia's total wine production and offers a variety of microclimates, terroir and wine styles due to rainfall patterns and humidity levels that vary across the state. The regions are influenced by how close they are to the Tasman Sea in the southern Pacific Ocean and the Great Dividing Range. The Range blocks the flow of moist air from the sea and creates higher rainfall over the range but less in inland regions west of the range. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of it!

The state is broken up into 7 distinct zones. 

  • Big Rivers
  • Southern NSW
  • South Coast
  • Central Ranges
  • Western Plains
  • Hunter Valley
  • Northern Slopes
  • Northern Rivers

Within those zones lie the 16 regions or Geographical Indications;

  • Murray Darling
  • Perricoota
  • Riverina
  • Swan Hill
  • Cowra
  • Mudgee
  • Orange
  • Hunter
  • Hastings River
  • New England Australia
  • Shoalhaven Coast
  • Southern Highlands
  • Canberra District
  • Gundagai
  • Hilltops
  • Tumbarumba

Regions like the Hunter Valley is a popular tourist destination being home to the first commercial vineyards which has resulted in an array of impressive cellar doors, restaurants and attractions. The region’s strength lies in its age worthy Semillon, Shiraz and richly textured Chardonnay. 

The Southern Highlands is on the doorstep of Sydney and offers a beautiful coastal scenic drive on the way to and from the region. 

Lesser visited regions like Tumbarumba and Orange offer less crowds and warm welcoming hospitality. They are known for quality Chardonnay and Pinot Noir due to higher altitude and aspect.  

Canberra District is home to premium cool climate wines like Riesling, moderate bodied Shiraz and emerging varieties all situated in a lush landscape in the nation's capital. 

NSW is a dynamic state and highly significant to Australia's grape growing history and journey of viticulture.