Glenrowan is an historic wine region in the famous bushranging country of the Ned Kelly gang. It is renowned for robust reds and rich fortified styles that have been going strong since the early days. Shiraz and cabernet sauvignon make big wines of powerful colour, flavour and grip. They are famously full bodied, earthy and warm with good longevity. Luscious muscat and topaque from the region vie for supremacy with those of Rutherglen further north. Made from brown muscat and muscadelle, they are thick, syrupy wines with nutty raisin, dried fruit and treacle characters. Baileys of Glenrowan is a legendary Glenrowan estate with a long fortified tradition and recognisable house style. Glenrowan’s original vineyards were established in the1860s. Over 205 ha of vine are now centred around the historic township. They are positioned chiefly on the sunny western lower slopes of the Warby Ranges. The inland region has a very warm, dry climate moderated by Lake Mokoan and cold night air funnelling down the ranges. The area benefits from distinctive deep, red granitic soils that are well drained and fertile. The Glenrowan siege is where Australia’s most infamous bushranger, Ned Kelly made his last stand in June of 1880. The fifteen minute shootout with police finally brought him to the ground with 19 bullet wounds.