2016 Yquem 2016 375mL

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Yquem, a myth, a miracle of nature and a unique wine. Yquem has a universal compelling power. It goes straight to the heart, soul, and senses of anyone tasting it, whether seasoned or inexperienced. Château d’Yquem is an extraordinary place, at the very heart of Sauternes, with a hundred hectares of vineyards are planted on a mosaic of different soils. All the conditions are there to grow exceptional grapes and achieve the finest noble rot, the famous botrytis cinerea. Only the best grapes sublimated by botrytis cinerea are picked, because this is the golden rule at Yquem: never look for simplification, or shortcuts, and accept the risk of losing everything. This is the price to pay to achieve excellence. For centuries, Château d’Yquem has been served at the most lavishing celebrations and for the world’s greatest figures: from Europe’s kings to Japanese emperors. The best international chefs offer Yquem in their restaurants and they even create specific dishes to match Yquem. Yquem’s aura reaches even beyond the cuisine arena. Indeed, it has been dear to great statesmen, such as George Washington, first president of the United States, and it was named the only “Premier Cru Classé Supérieur” during a classification process requested by Napoleon III, but it has also inspired artists. The 2016 vintage The winter of 2016 was very mild and wet. Spring rainfall was close to the seasonal average, except for late May and early June, when the weather was unsettled. Average temperatures were also normal, although fluctuations between hot and cold were much greater than usual. A hot and totally atypical summer featured drought conditions that exceeded any ever recorded at the château, but which did not have a negative effect on the vines thanks to water reserves in the estate's clay terroirs. Extremely cool autumn weather was conducive to the slow, but thorough botrytisation of the grapes. Encompassing 4 passes, the 2016 harvest was very long and about 75% of the crop was picked in the last two weeks.