The Wine Collective People.

Meet Lloyd
Our Boss! Lloyd Heinrich

Lloyd briefs us on his extensive background in wine and his favourite drops

Meet Sarah
Meet Wine Buyer, Sarah Linhart

Sarah shares all the best and worst things about a career in wine!

Meet Sabine
Meet Senior Wine Buyer, Sabine

Sabine shares a story about finding a 30 year old Mount Pleasant Elizabeth

Meet Angus
Meet our Master of Wine, Angus

Angus takes us on a journey through ancient Victorian wine tunnels

Meet Johan
Meet our Head of Trading, Johan

Johan talks about his intro to wine back in his homeland of Sweden

Meet Lisa
Meet our Content Queen, Lisa

Lisa tells a story of how a Bindi Kaye literally brought her to tears!

Meet Meaghan
Meet Client Services Manager, Meaghan

Meaghan tells us which wine she found mind blowing-ly amazing!

Meet Antoine
Here's Senior Wine Buyer, Antoine

How wine has taken him from Bordeaux to California, Italy and New Zealand

Meet Felix
Our Wine Buying Assistant, Felix

What started his life long love affair with Pinot Noir?

Meet Sam
Our Personal Wine Advisor, Sam

Tried a 1942, Doisy Daene Barsac at the tender age of 22!