What is Barossa Shiraz

barossa shiraz winery in australia


Barossa Shiraz is one of the most widely recognised, quality red wines on the global market. By Australian labelling laws, Barossa Shiraz indicated on a bottle means that 85% of the total product inside must be the stated Shiraz grapesIt also indicates that 85% of these said Shiraz grapes are sourced from the Barossa zone.

Barossa is an official wine zone of the state of South Australia in Geographical Indications and encapsulates the Regions of Barossa Valley and Eden Valley


Why is Barossa Shiraz so popular?

Shiraz is Australia’s most planted wine grape variety and is grown in most Australian wine regions. Nowhere is more synonymous with Australian Shiraz than the wine zone of Barossa, South Australia.  

This wine is also known for its high quality and reputation for a full-bodied flavourful style of red wine made in a range of price points. This means value on all levels. Not only is Australia home to the world’s oldest continuously productive Shiraz vines, with some of the oldest plantings believed to date back to 1843 in the Barossa Valley. 

This in turn means Australia has a long history and wealth of knowledge when it comes to producing excellent Shiraz from its Mediterranean climate. 


How does Barossa Shiraz differ from Eden Valley Shiraz?

Winemakers have the added advantage of being able to source Shiraz grapes from a larger zone. The ability to utilise Shiraz grapes from the Eden Valley which is an overall cooler growing condition and also from the Barossa Valley means on challenging vintages the winemaker has greater access to grapes of the condition they so desire. 


What does Barossa Shiraz taste like?

Barossa Shiraz ranges from a warm growing region on the Barossa Valley floor to cooler growing areas like the Eden Valley, the warmer summers allow Shiraz grapes to fully ripen and the high diurnal range of cool nighttime temperatures extends the acidity within the grapes. 

You can expect a medium to full-bodied red wine with ripe red and black berried fruits, moderate tannins and juicy acidity, flavours of black pepper and clove and vanilla spices are common.


What pairs best with Barossa Shiraz?

The ideal food to pair with this wine is grilled and barbecued meat like sausages, lamb and steak. The savoury elements of the meat will also help round out the tannins in the wine. In other words, the wine enhances the food, and the food enhances the wine!

In addition, any hearty vegetables with a nice charred taste to it will be the perfect match for this warm climate Shiraz. From chops to roasts and casseroles, there is always an Australian Shiraz to accompany well with a grilled dish. 


Why is Barossa Shiraz so good?

The Barossa Valley is renowned for its world-class wineries. As one of Australia's best wine-producing regions the wine produced in this region is known for its bold and intense flavours. Established over the past 160 years, the Barossa Valley has gained its fame from seven generations of local grape growers and winemakers.

As styles vary, Barossa Shiraz is generally full-bodied wine with a beautifully ripe, dark fruit flavour and equally balanced acidity. Including richly textured with savoury notes of spice, they're among the world's most recognisable and celebrated Shiraz.