Western Australia | A Wonder of the West

The state of Western Australia covers the entire Western third of Australia, a huge proportion of it is parched outback, the more fertile and populated areas lie in the southwest corner. 

The abundance of life both on land and the sea is what Western Australia is known for throughout the world. 

Attractions such as the world heritage site of Ningaloo reef in the East Indian ocean, the protected nature reserve of Rottnest island are some of its draw-cards. So too, is Margaret River and the Great Southern wine regions that produce some of the most esteemed and famous wine brands of Australia. All of these natural features lie within a stone’s throw of some of the most expansive, pristine and photographed coastlines.  

Wine production dates back to 1840 in the Swan Valley region but it was not until around the late 1960’s that fine wine production began to grow in reputation with the establishment of the Margaret River region. Known for its expertly crafted Chardonnay and Cabernet blends that grow extremely well in the Maritime climate. 

In the Great Southern the regional climate ranges from coastal, maritime and inland continental. The area has the ability to grow a range of varieties with Riesling, Shiraz and Malbec growing rapidly. 

The state is broken up into seven zones. These are:

  • Western Plains
  • Western Australia
  • Central Western Australia
  • Eastern Plains
  • Greater Perth
  • South West Australia
  • Western Australian South East Coastal

Within that lie 9 regions, 

  • Peel
  • Perth Hills
  • Swan District
  • Blackwood Valley
  • Geographe
  • Great Southern
  • Manjimup
  • Margaret River
  • Pemberton

The state of Western Australia is a larger than life landscape of wonder and beauty and for those who don’t like amongst its bounties, is an experience well worth the travel it takes to get there.