2018 Figeac

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Figeac 2018 is a truly compelling wine. This is not just us claiming this, but everyone from trade to press, as there is clear unison in recognizing Figeac 2018 as even greater than 2016, thus potentially the estate’s best vintage, ever. With its ethereal elegance, 2018 is very much an enhanced Figeac. A new Figeac. True to its terroir, and inherent style, yet more profound, subtle, and refined. Figeac 2018 is the culmination of all the efforts poured into the estate since 2012, to achieve its true potential, earning Figeac its place among the trophy wines of Bordeaux. 2018 is not only a new culmination for Figeac, but also a fresh start. The beginning of a new era.