Ricky & Rianna Ponting's First Date


"Ordering that first bottle, I was nervous of what the reception was going to be, so I made sure to get one of the best on the wine list." Ricky Ponting

Create Your Perfect Moment With This Curated Mixed Case

Our First Date


Like any young man on a first date, I was aiming to impress. Rianna mentioned she liked Chardonnay - there’s an opening! On the advice of the sommelier, I ordered a Margaret River Chardonnay, despite not knowing what it was. Turns out it was one of the country’s greats, Leeuwin Estate Art Series, and together, over this icon, our love of wine, and of each other, began to burgeon.

In our ‘Date Night’ case, we’ve tried to capture those little experiences that make up the occasions when new lovers meet. A little fumbling, perhaps, a little nervous, but ultimately joyous, dare we say, ‘magical’ moments.