NV Merlet Creme De Cassis Blackcurrant Liqueur 700ml

The Collective Review

Merlet Creme De Cassis Blackcurrant Liqueur is a premium French liqueur that boasts a unique and intense blackcurrant flavour.

Made with artisanal methods, the liqueur is crafted by infusing fruit in a neutral spirit to extract its full aroma and flavour.

With a reputation for excellence that spans three decades, the Merlet family has earned Geographical Indication status for its blackcurrant liqueur.

This liqueur promises to deliver a rich and fruity taste that is perfectly balanced and ideal for mixing with other drinks or sipping on its own as a delicious digestif.

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Technical Attributes
Tasting Notes

The Merlet family grows its blackcurrant berries in the Saintonage land (French area of the Charentes), to produce it’s own blackcurrant liqueur. It is crafted through an artisanal method of fruits infused in neutral spirit, in order to genuinely deliver their aromas. Since 2015, Merlet Crème de Cassis de Saintonge holds the Geographical Indication status, in recognition of a unique 30-years expertise in growing blackcurrants and turning them into liqueur.

Winemakers Note

The Merlet family takes great pride in crafting their own blackcurrant liqueur, grown on their Saintonage land in the Charentes region of France. Using an artisanal method of infusing fruit in neutral spirit, the family expertly extracts the full aroma and flavour of the berries. Their Merlet Crème de Cassis de Saintonge liqueur was awarded Geographical Indication status in 2015, a testament to the family's three decades of experience in growing and producing blackcurrant liqueur.

Today, the Merlet family produces a range of ten fruit liqueurs, each crafted with the same attention to detail and care. The family carefully selects only the highest quality fruits, controlling ripeness through their own expertise in growing blackcurrants and working with selected farmers. By macerating the fruit in super-fine alcohol, they extract all the complex flavours and aromas. The resulting liqueurs have exceptional concentration, due to the perfect ripeness and quantity of fruit used in each batch.

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