Signup Bonus: Get $10 Off First Purchase

Terms & Conditions

The promoter is The Wine Collective

ABN 45 003 409 603,

66 Bay St, Ultimo, NSW, 2007.

All new customer accounts are eligible to receive a bonus 5,000 in My Collective Rewards Points, valued at $10.

The bonus points must be used within 30 days of full account registeration. After such time, the additional bonus points will expire.

  1. On registration of new The Wine Collective accounts, 5,000 points will be automatically loaded to the account holder.
    1. 5,000 points is equivalent to $10 in value, unless changed or altered by The Wine Collective.
  2. Points can be redeemed on any purchase at The Wine Collective.
  3. Points can only be redeemed once.
  4. Offer valid for one signup per household and/or unique email address only.
  5. Offer cannot be transferred, altered, saved or used at a later date.
  6. The Wine Collective retains all rights and discretion to remove, alter, change and suspend additional points bonus if fraudulent activity is deemed to have occurred.
  7. Misuse of points or signup bonus will result in deactivation of relevant account.
    1. Misuse can be defined as (but not limited to); multiple registrations using the same IP, delivery address, phone number or account details.
  8. Bonus points can be used in conjunction with additional reward points earned during general use of the My Collective rewards program.

How to redeem?

Sign up to The Wine Collective by creating a free account at

5,000 ($10) bonus signup points will be automatically loaded to new accounts and available to use during the checkout phase. Account activation is required before points are to be assigned. Ensure the account holder is logged in before attempting to redeem.

Bonus signup points will expire 30 days after account registration. Bonus points cannot be redeemed after this date.