Dynamic Wine Varieties & The Places they Thrive

One of the best things about living in Australia? The sheer variety of culture, cuisine and environments we have available. Arid deserts to pristine beaches, rugged mountain ranges to metropolitan cities. Our food and drinking choices are reflected within the endless possibilities of our Australian culture. 

Unlike many countries, being a winemaker in Australia means you have very limited restrictions on what you can make and how you make it - there are endless possibilities for the vinous trained mind! 

These possibilities flow on to us, the consumers. We Aussies embrace change and innovation, forever looking out for what’s new. So, what’s shakin on the wine front these days?

Dynamic varieties and the regions they are thriving in. 

Albariño- This aromatic variety hailing from Spain has had an interesting history in Australia with a crisis of identity detected in the late 90’s. What is actually the late ripening Albariño and (not Savagnin) is now planted in cool to moderate climate regions such as Tasmania, King Valley, Hunter Valley and the Mornington Peninsula. Known for offering a basket of fruits, Albariño offers plenty of exciting flavours and food pairing options. 

Fiano- This Southern Italian variety is proving to be a star amongst many regions. Ithas so much potential with citrus and orchard dominant fruit aromatics, naturally high acidity and ability to work as a crisp fresh style and also an oak age textural form. Look for Fiano in moderate climates such as Riverina, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. 

Vermentino- This Italian island variety from Corsica and Sardinia is now grown in over 30 regions of Australia. Light to medium body, it bodes well for our warm summer drinking days and captures the freshness of citrus, oyster shell and the crisp granny smith apples we know and love.  Warmer climates such as the King Valley, Riverland and the Hunter Valley are proving to treat the large bunches with care and attention and craft a wine with personality and poise. 

Vineyard of the banks o the Douro River, Spain

Tempranillo- Spain's king of red grapes Tempranillo is a medium to full bodied variety that ripens early and shows flavours of black cherries, plum and figs with hints of tobacco and leather. It grows well in a moderate climate where the medium tannins and acid are highlighted. Try regions like Granite Belt, McLaren Vale and Margaret River. 

Malbec- The bold fruit flavours and inky purple hue of Malbec have made their mark across the globe. Hailing from France but made popular once more in Argentina, Malbec is showing huge promise here in Australia. First planted in Margaret River it still rings true as a standout variety in WA as well as producing show stopping wines in places like Langhorne Creek and the Clare Valley. 

Durif- An unsung hero of true Australian character is Durif. Full in body, colour and tannin the wine exemplifies the rich and more heady tones of a brooding red wine. First planted in Rutherglen, the variety has stayed put in warmer climates where alcohol levels can reach an optimum peak. Rutherglen and Riverina are hard to beat for this iconic Aussie grape.