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Scratch 'N' Dent Premium Mixed (ITM62963)

12 x 750ml
The Collective Review

One of the greatest perks about working for a wine company is that we get wine at cost price. It means that we drink very very well. But today, we want to bring you in to our inner circle, with a special case of wine that is usually only offered to our Wine Collective team.

This particular assortment includes some truly premium wines for just $169 ($14.09 per bottle).

Each case is different, but what's guaranteed is that every Scratch & Dent dozen is valued in excess of $300 per case (based on current RRP) We're not joking about cost price either - as you'll discover when you open the box, we make zero dollars per case on these packs.

Ultimately, what these cases are is a spectacular wine lucky dip, with the only caveat that these wines may have marks or dings on the packaging. But given the quality of the wine in there? Gee what a bargain for $169 a dozen...

*Please note: Wines may have been part of a damaged case. While we expect some marks or blemishes, you may be lucky enough to receive to receive wines which have no marks at all!

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