Almost wine time...

The Pinot Grigio, a zesty and fresh tasting white wine, is a fashionable favourite all around Australia, suiting warm weather and good food. Like the Prosecco varieties, the Pinot Grigio traditionally calls Italy home with Pinot Gris Wines, made from the same grape from the Pinot NSoir family, traditionally coming from France. You’re forgiven if you’re a bit confused about how a white wine owes its name to a dark looking grape. The Pinot Grigio grape does not look like a traditional white wine grape variety, instead enjoying a spectrum of darker colours. 

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Is Pinot Gris a white wine?

Some of the confusion over what is a Pinot Gris wine and what is a Pinot Grigio starts with its name. Gris is French for ‘grey’ and Grigio is Italian for ‘grey’. The word ‘pinot’ actually means ‘pine cone’ in French and relates to the shape of wine grapes as they grow on the vine. So, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio essentially means a grey wine grape variety that is used to produce a very fresh tasting and zesty white wine all over the world. 

If you think the confusion stops there, think again. Given that European countries generally border one another, the Pinot Grigio is also known by a host of other names as well. In Switzerland’s Loire valley, it’s referred to as Malvoise, while in Germany it’s called a Grauburgunder. Its various names and makers are evidence for how long the world has been drinking Pinot Grigio, in one form or another, and evidence of its enduring popularity amongst wine lovers all over the world. Today, some of the finest examples of Pinot Grigio are grown in South Australia and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.  

These southern Australian wine regions are perfectly suited to experimenting with a range of grape varieties, owing to the cooler climate required for developing a rich and fruity grape with just the right level of acidity for the perfect wine. The Pinot Grigio is therefore thriving amongst Australian winemakers passionate about exploring the rich potential for a range of flavour profiles and embedding their own unique natural attributes into this traditional full bodied white. 

Is Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio the same?

While the Pinot Gris grape and the Pinot Grigio grape is technically the ‘same’ type of grape, no bottle of Pinto Gris will taste the same as a Pinot Grigio, no matter where it has been grown and produced. It’s within the creation of Pinot Grigio that it’s real potential for unique and stunning flavours begins to emerge. Although originally from the Pinot grape family, Pinot Grigio varietals can be as varied and as different as the countries which produce them. Originally arriving in Switzerland from Burgundy in the 1300s, the Pinot Grigio grape has undergone countless reiterations and enjoys a variety of different production methods around the world which all produce their own slightly different spectrum of flavours according to climate, winemakers preference and the market. In France, Pinot Gris wines are generally aged for a fuller bodied taste profile ideal for pairing with specific foods and enjoyed in cooler weather. These wines tend to be smoother as a result and may not embody the richer and fruitier flavours of Australian varietals. 

Pinot Grigio makers in Australia enjoy picking early harvest fruits to develop stronger tanginess and acidity levels, delivering a traditionally lighter bodied taste full of zest and fruitiness. The natural acidity of the Pinot Grigio grape is actually quite low despite most examples of it enjoying tasting notes like ‘zippy and zinging’. 

It’s generally considered as the white wine go-to for American wine lovers and so enjoys a rich and long history of development in North America with varying degrees of success outside it. Given how popular the Pinot Grigio became in the US, there was a general concern that its mass-produced taste was consistently boring and simple. The Wine Collective have curated a collection of Pinot Grigio producers to deliver a complex and varied tasting profile and try to combat the notion that this popular white has lost some of its verve and lustre. 

Our mission is to support small and medium sized winemakers throughout the world by bringing the fruits of their passionate and boutique-style productions directly to the tables of wine drinkers who will love and appreciate them. We draw on over 70 years of experience and our roots with The Wine Society, Australia’s oldest wine club, to discover and distribute our available wines. 

The real tradition of Pinot Grigio is in experimentation and development. It may have started nearly one thousand years ago in the Swiss Alps, but its travels back to France and on to Italy have since led this humble but versatile grape variety across the oceans and into the homes and vineyards of every wine lover. As the winemakers grape, this variety is able to take on the unique characteristics of every climate it is grown in, infusing the tastes and aromas of its new territory into every bottle produced.

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Our entire collection is available to order online with delivery direct to your door across Australia. Start your search for your new favourite from our Pinot Grigio collection and then scour our producers for the finest examples of Pinot Gris varieties, as well as a host of white wine favourites and new blends. Order today and begin your wine odyssey under the expert guidance of The Wine Collective.