2015 Cos d'Estournel

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Winemakers Note

Cos d'Estournel: a singular identity As one journeys north of the Medoc, along the winding road, the majestic pagodas of Cos d’Estournel rise like a captivating mirage. The residence of the Maharajah of Saint-Estèphe never ceases to astonish. This palace, a veritable temple to wine, was envisioned by its founder, Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel. When he inherited a few hectares of vineyards in 1791, his vision extended beyond mere acquisition. Driven by an unshakable belief in the extraordinary potential of the terroir, this man of discerning taste and adventurous spirit gained international renown. Much like his wine—enchanting and elegant, yet imbued with spice and power—he chose to be himself in a world of convention, embracing his distinctiveness and steadfastly making his own choices. Under the ownership of Michel Reybier since 2000, Cos d’Estournel continues its journey, navigating the fine line between audacity and humility. Every decision carries an element of risk, guided by a visionary philosophy that Louis-Gaspard himself would applaud. The meticulous division of the vineyards into individual plots pushed to their zenith, a relentless pursuit of innovation within the winery, a dedication to beauty and excellence in a realm steeped in understated elegance—these are the legacies of Louis-Gaspard, perpetuated by its current owner.

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