2006 Château Haut-Bailly

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Haut-Bailly: a pledge to elegance and authenticity Haut-Bailly is one of those estates whose mere mention stirs emotions and recalls cherished memories of shared moments. Here, equilibrium reigns supreme—a harmony between Nature, Humanity, and the Essence of the place. In 1998, the Wilmers family acquired this historic Cru Classé from the Sanders family. At that pivotal juncture, they made the enlightened choice of appointing Véronique Sanders, the third-generation scion of the family, as its director. As the guardian of this place's soul, her mission is to rekindle its former brilliance while preserving its inherent identity and style. This equilibrium is readily evident in its vineyards, which still sprawl across the original thirty hectares. At its heart lies an exceptional 4-hectare parcel, home to century-old vines, where grape varieties harmoniously intertwine along the rows. It's a unique genetic legacy and a cherished tradition, a heritage passed down with fervor through generations since the 19th century. The new winery, unveiled in 2021, stands as yet another manifestation of this balance. It seamlessly melds into the landscape, revealing a splendid garden before unveiling its fermenting tanks. This winery awakens the senses, and its aesthetics mirror the wines' characteristics: grace, purity, and precision. To speak of Haut-Bailly is to speak of centuries-old history, a legendary terroir, a collective endeavor, a property in constant evolution, and above all, a signature. Its style is inherently timeless, and the essence of Haut-Bailly has perpetually embodied a commitment to elegance and authenticity.