Almost wine time...

Organic wines are made with minimal synthetic chemicals and additives during the production process. That's a basic definition but more broadly it means no inorganic pesticides and herbicides, minimal preservatives (to a lower level than non-organic wines) and less intervention in the winery. Crucially, it means organic vineyards AND organic wineries, right down to making sure that fining agents are organic too.

But did you know that not all organic wines are equal? In fact, unless a wine is certified organic there is no guarantee that it was made using strict organic principles? With this selection, we've picked out wines (and a few spirits) that are genuinely organic. Don't settle for second best! 

A final note - organic does not mean preservative-free. Certified organic wines have less preservatives added, but that doesn't mean they're free from preservatives. Oh, and did you know that dried apricots have up to 15 times more preservatives than wine?