Vermont Duo Vergin Bloom and Lemon 200ml x2

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Vermont Vergin Duo Pack Bloom & Limon Non-Alcoholic Distilled Botanical Spirit 2x200mlcomlexity.  This is pure Lemon and lime bliss!Bloom is named after its beautiful rose-scented floral flavour profile, reminiscent of Turkish Delight. The lingering spiciness can be attributed to the addition of some more exotic seeds, spices, barks and petals with a burst of freshness from Lemon peel. This refined and complex blend of distilled botanicals glows with a pretty Hibiscus blush and includes just the right amount of Juniper Berriers to give it the real "gin kick".It looks like gin, served like gin, and makes the perfect "G&T".. without any naughty additives, artifical sweetners, colours, flavours - 0% sugar, 0% alcohol.Pure Guilt Free pleasure.  Works beatifically with tonic as well as classic cocktails likes sours or martinis.Ideal for cocktailsPure effervescent relaxation without the guiltPerfect for share with friends and familyNo Sugar; No Preservatives; All NaturalItem Volume in ml2 x 200mlServing InstructionsServe Cold
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