The Mystery Story
Our Mystery Wineries are found right around the country, some of which you will know very well. Many of our Mystery Wines are already well known to wine buyers and sell for much higher prices under their own label. But winemakers need to eat, and when it comes time to find space for a new vintage, they naturally want to sell whatever they can quickly. Which is where we come in. We agree to take a few cases of said wine in exchange for a better price (so we can sell it cheaper). The condition being that the wine can't be sold under it's original label (hence the "Mystery"). The end result is the same wine, but at fantastic bargain prices! It's simple, same wine, hidden label, cheaper result.
Why's this wine for you?

Ultimate. Not a word we throw around lightly here at The Wine Collective but one we’ve reserved specially for a mixed case for the ages.

Ultimate Curation: 12 jaw dropping wines covering Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, GSM and a silky Aglianico that’ll take you on that sensory tour of discovery we’ve all been craving during 2021.

Ultimate Value: 12 wines with RRP’s ranging from $120 to $30 with a combined value of $660, now yours for only $239 until stocks run dry.

Ultimate Opportunity: With Christmas and the Holiday season just around the corner, there’s no better time to stock up for the celebrations ahead. These twelve wines are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning palates.

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The Brief
This pack contains the following:

2 x 2017 Thorne-Clarke Ron Thorn Barossa Shiraz

The big, heavy bottle and grand labelling might bring certain expectations, but this wine has other notions. It’s starting its journey and it’s calling for your interest early on. Frankly, it’s years away from revealing all, but we are granted a small window through which to appreciate its beauty, its potential. It’s a reminder of Barossa Shiraz from the past. There is a ripe boldness. Tannins aren’t shy, neither is the smoky, barbecue oak. Or alcohol. It’s a slow burn, definitely. That said, it demands attention with its blackberry, brambly fruits, boiled fruit cake with plums, chocolate, ginger, savoury oak, mint/eucalypt, touch of Moroccan spices. 
Jeni Port - Wine Pilot
Combined RRP: $240

2 x 2019 Cave d'Aze Bourgogne Pinot Noir

A light ruby, with plenty of Pinot nourishment beaming from the glass: sour cherry, musk, rose hip, porcini and twine. The skein of savoury tannins direct proceedings effortlessly. The freshness, long, impeccably ripe and à point. A bottling unique to our portfolio, this is a gateway to Burgundy that is easily opened but not easily found.
Ned Goodwin, Master of Wine
Combined RRP: $100

2 x 2021 Deep Woods Redlands Chardonnay
Vibrant, straw green, classic Margaret River, nectarines, fresh-cut limes and floral aromas. Palate is generous yet fresh, vigorous and inviting.
Combined RRP: $80

2 x 2021 Dandelion Kindred Skies of Eden Valley Riesling
Pale-gold; faint viscosity, showing some light body. Aromas of honeysuckle, cactus flower, rainwater on slate, and citrus zest. Candied peel follows, with musk and spice. An aromatic perfume that wafts beguilingly rather than strikes... But strikes it next does, with some immediacy on every part of your palate. There is a cutting acidity that sears its way through a tightly bound core of concentrated citrus fruit flavours - some ripe, some whole, some juicy, some tart. The texture is at once clean yet deep, long yet bright; it is full and giving yet also ethereal. One sip seems generous, the next aloof. Riesling in its essential and true guise? Pair with strident food flavours: calamari with salt, chilli, and pepper; a tiny bowl of XO noodles; spicy sausage with sauerkraut. It can handle it.
Combined RRP: $60

2 x 2019 La Guardiense Aglianico Sianno DOP

Structured red wine with a beautiful consistency this Aglianico Sannio La Guardiense has a beautiful purplish-red color. Ample fruity hints of cherry jam and spicy notes of vanilla emerge on the nose. The sip is intense, silky and enveloping. Aging in tonneaux d'Allier and Troncais for about 6 months.
Combined RRP: $60

2 x 2017 Cape Barren Native Goose GSM
Supple and juicy, the palate is a heady mix of plum and cherry liqueur producing a medium-bodied wine in the fresh red spectrum seamlessly couched in a savoury crosscurrent of fine tannins. The result is excellent flavour intensity of great length and purity.
James Halliday
Combined RRP: $60

*A quick note - products in image may vary. But never fear, the case content descriptions are correct.
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