NV Gonzalez Byass Vermouth Bianco White La Copa

per case (6 x 750ml)

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The Brief
How's it taste?
Clean, elegant and intense. Concentratedcitrus aromas, perfectly blended with the delicious, bittertouches of worm wood and savoury. Cinnamon, nutmegand the high residual sugar balance out the bitterness.
How was it made?
In González By pass, the origins of Vermouth goall the way back to 1896.Our inventory shows theexistence of Vermouth between 1896 and 1926. First, itwas found in sections about imported wine and later,from1909,it was included in the bottling in variousregions.The Vermouth La Coparange is based on these recipesand the label designs are referring to the ancientVermouth labels recovered from González Bypass’historical archives.The González Bypass white Vermouth is a deliciouscombination of dry Fino Sherry with a salty character anda selection of classic botanicals, inspired by an originalrecipe dating backto1896,thencalled“FrenchVermouth”.Finally, concentrated must is added to provide a sweetand seducing balance.
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