Macedon Ranges

Animus Distillery Ambrosian Gin 5000ml

Technical Attributes
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Tasting Notes

There is genius here. This is Animus’s ode to Australia’s love affair with South East Asian flavours. It's a zesty, spicy, Gin that has an effortless, almost fluffy texture across the palate. There are bright, tangy notes thanks to fresh mandarin, lime and young kaffir lime leaf. The punchy, fresh ginger and galangal bring rooty intensity and earthy, spicy notes, while the inclusion of white sesame seeds adds to the body and leaves a nutty hint on the finish. What could have been a chaotic roar of flavours is in fact a beautifully pure, perfectly integrated, uncluttered Gin with everything in delightful proportion. We've not tasted anything like it to be honest. Really special.