NV Alexandre Bonnet Blanc de Noirs

NV Alexandre Bonnet Blanc de Noirs NV Alexandre Bonnet Blanc de Noirs

NV Alexandre Bonnet Blanc de Noirs

$65.99 per bottle
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$65.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch

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How's it taste?

Great to see some serious Blanc de Noir Champagne in Australia. This Bonnet is a powerful beast too, the pinosity giving this drive and real length. Grown up Champagne.

Who made it?

The history of the Alexandre Bonnet Champagne House goes back a long way in the stunning village of Les Riceys. The place is unique in the world of winemaking, with its 2,086 acres of vineyards making it the largest wine producing district in the Champagne region. Thanks to its geologic and geographic properties, the Riceys vineyards are also amongst the wine-producing areas that offer the best Pinots Noirs in the Côte des Bar. As early as 1934, Lucien Noble, Bonnet's maternal grandfather, started growing his own vine stocks. His passion was passed on to the next generations, until 1970 when René, Serge and Alain Bonnet founded the Alexandre Bonnet brand. With over 110 acres of vineyards, modern and entirely integrated production and owners true to their heritage, the Alexandre Bonnet Champagne is a traditional Champagne House in an exceptional land. Its Champagne wines are authentic and highlight the Pinot Noir variety with vintages like the Noir Extra Brut, the Blanc de Noirs and Perle Rosée, as well as its iconic Rosé des Riceys wine.

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