The Mystery Dozen - Valued at $330

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Hello fellow traveller, and welcome to the corner of The Wine Collective website many don't often get to see. While we are proud of this little Mystery corner, we can't really put it up in lights and shout it to the world. Our staff know about this page. Our family too. And sometimes, like now, a friend like you stumbles upon it .

So what's with all the secrecy? Well, this cheeky dozen of 'Mystery' wines is a bit of a big deal. Made up of those little parcels of wine that we just can't find a home for, it's the perfect lucky-dip for any wine lover. There's a guaranteed $330 worth in each pack, and some top-tier, juicy drops abound. I recently saw our warehouse manager packing a 97pt Italian red in it. Maybe even a Shiraz from a well known Halliday Winery of the Year and recent Jimmy Watson winner.

But best you don't tell anyone what you found here. If the bean-counters find out we've been packing boxes of wine below cost, our secret squirrel mystery bargain-corner will just have to disappear without a trace!

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