2021 Tahbilk Riesling

per case (12 x 750ml)

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The Brief
Net Volume
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Sweet Very Dry
Wine Scale 5
Why's this wine for you?
Established in 1860, and purchased by thePurbrick family in 1925, Tahbilk is located inthe premium central Victorian region ofNagambie Lakes.There are some nine hectares of Riesling undervine on the Estate with plantings dating back to1957 and Tahbilk’s familiarity with the varietal issecond only to that of Marsanne. when it comesto Estate white varietals. Wines produced overtime are distinguished by their pronouncedbouquet and elegance with wonderful flavourand finesse. Highly regarded on the NationalWine Show Circuit, Tahbilk Riesling shows anequal propensity to Marsanne to develop addedrichness, character and complexity with time inthe cellar.
How's it taste?
"2021 has been rated as a stellar vintage forour Estate whites with the Riesling from thatyear a litmus test example of why this is so.Lifted and intense citrus blossom aromas coaxyou to a palate of bright citrus fruits, lime curdand papaya notes all wrapped in a coat ofsparkling, taut acidity.A honeyed, toasty complexity to come ifcellared out to 2029/2031."
How was it made?
La Nina had a major influence on the 2020/21
growing season.
Tahbilk experienced good rainfall post 2020
vintage, and regular rainfall through the year.
Notwithstanding the challenges this presented
for the vineyard team, who worked diligently to
get their sprays on as required, the frequent rain
days ensured the vineyards looked healthy and
vibrant, with no disease or growth issues.
The effects of La Nina contributed to a cool to
warm, but not hot summer, which meant a slow
and steady ripening. By mid-March we’d picked
all of the whites with all very promising –
Marsanne in particular.
We’d also picked some reds by mid-March,
mostly for Rosé, however daily light showers
that followed had us all nervously waiting for
the rain to stop so we could start picking the
reds in earnest. The rain did stop and, after a
lull in ripening, the reds jumped in sugar and
the Winery staff were flat out keeping up with
the picking.
For a vintage that looked touch and go quite a
few times, 2021 will be rated a very good, to
potentially stellar, vintage.
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