2021 Sicilian Mixed Dozen

per case (12 x 750ml)

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The Brief
Why's this wine for you?
A true taste of Sicilian wine. All the indigenous varieties from this incredible sunny Mediterranean island. Get your arancini ready
How's it taste?
A true taste of Sicilian wine. All the indigenous varieties from this incredible sunny Mediterranean island. Get your arancini ready2 x Barone Villagrande Mt Etna BiancoThe grape variety is Carricante 90%, 10% from other Indigenous Mt Etna grapes.With a colour of light straw yellow and aroma of white fruits.This white wine has pronounced acidity, elegance in the mouth and persistent minerality that suggest its aging potential.Perfect with shellfish and raw fish, and also with semi-aged cheese.2 x Barone Villagrande Mt Etna RosatoThe grape variety is Nerello Mascalese 90% and Carricante 10%. With the combination of both of these grapes, it provides a lovely Rose.With a fragrance of blood orange and pink grapefruit this wine is strong yet elegant, but gives an interesting complexity, tending to the fruity.Perfect as aperitivo, served with fried dishes, tuna in olive oil, caponata and tomato-based first courses.2 x Barone Villagrande Mt Etna RossoThis red wine is a blend of Nerello Mascalese 80%, 20% Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mantellato. Has the colour of ruby red with a scent of violet and fresh berries along with light herbal notes. A little tannic but not aggressive, well balanced by a clear and marked acidity and a fresh and persistent fruit.A great combination with red meat and tuna steak, roasted meat, salami’s and sweet and sour dishes.2 x Avide Nero d'Avola "Lo"Simply the "he" of wine, simple and pleasant, fun and fresh.Intense and rich, with a prevailing fruity aroma on the nose, this wine is fairly round in the mouth, medium bodied with a good persistence and harmony.2 x Avide "Etichetta Nera" Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCGBlack Label - The wine with the rose: in 1984, a scientific research gave the "role" to the woman to choose the wine at the table, the rose was, then, our tribute to the woman who chose our Cerasuolo di Vittoria. The red rose, moreover, is the symbol of elegance, of the softness of the frappato on the deep and full structure of Nero d'Avola2 x Avide 1607 - Frappato IGT Terre Siciliane"1607" is a red wine from the grape Frappato, aged for 6 months in steel containers. It has profumes and taste of young red fruits. It's a fresh, soft and drinkable wine.
How was it made?
2 x Barone di Villagrande Etna Bianco 2 x Barone di Villagrande Etna Rosato 2 x Barone di Villagrande Etna Rosso 2 x Avide Nero d'Avola "Lo" 2 x Avide "Etichetta Nera" Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG 2 x Avide 1607 - Frappato IGT Terre Siciliane
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