2021 Pavie Macquin

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Château Pavie Macquin is named after the grandfather of the current owners: Albert Macquin (1852-1911), who Saint-Emilion has to thank for the use of grafted plants designed to save the vineyards devastated by phylloxera. In 1994, Nicolas Thienpont was appointed as manager. Along with Stéphane Derenoncourt, they refine Pavie Macquin’s personality and have developed high-quality viticulture which has elevated the château to the prestigious rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé wine in 2006, and once again in 2012. Recently, his son Cyrille Thienpont has begun to play an active role in Pavie Macquin's management. The Pavie Macquin vineyard is characterized by its location on a plateau, next to Mondot hill and on the edge of the Fongaban fault. Thanks to its commanding position, its height ranges from 100 meters above sea level next to the hill, to 75 meters on the edge of the plateau. In one unique holding, it borders Troplong Mondot to the east and Château Pavie to the south, and overlooks Trottevieille to the north. Le Millésime 2021 The plateau terroirs brought out the best of 2021. The mildness of summer does not take anything away from the complexity of the soils and offers us a lot of delicacy and balance. Cyrille Thienpont tells you about this vintage: