2021 Meyney

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Châteay Meyney, the "Virtuosity" Since 1625, the estate has known only 4 owners in 400 years. In 2004 Crédit Agricole purchased this estate, ideally located in Saint-Estèphe, between the vines of Calon Ségur and Montrose. In 2021, th "Virtuosity" project is launched: Contraction of 3 ideas at the heart of the estate's commitment, Green - Virtuous - Virtuoso, this project is symbolized by the launch of the conversion to Organic Farming . It also allows the recognition of many virtuous initiatives: the viti-pastoralism with the housing of 4 oxen, the planting of hedges and the installation of beehives. 2021 in a few words AUTHENTIC, UNIFYING, ENRICHING, UNIQUE, SURPRISING, TAILORED, HARMONIOUS, RIGOROUS, SELECTIVE, LIVELY . 2021 was more than a “Winegrower’s vintage”. It was also a vintage that required selective sorting, due to the many challenges it faced. This high standards were essential this year in order to produce a precise and balanced Meyney. Anne Le Naour tells you about this vintage: