2021 Houghton Reserve Chardonnay

per case (6 x 750ml)

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The Brief
How's it taste?
Pale straw with tinges of gold. Thebouquet displays primary fruitcharacters of white peach and citrus,combined with hints of roastedalmonds and brioche. Subtle toastedoak and vanilla spice further enhanceand provide interest to the aroma.Medium bodied, the palate mirrorsthe bouquet with fresh and fullflavoured stone fruit and citruscharacters. Hints of hazelnut andvanilla are derived from extendedyeast lees contact and oakmaturation, providing texture andalong finish.A wine to be enjoyed upon release,with the potential to cellar for up to3years.
How was it made?
The Chardonnay grapes are machineharvested at night to optimise fruitfreshness. The grapes are thencrushed, pressed, and the juice coldsettled before racking witha level ofturbidity to provide texture andcomplexity in the resulting wine.Tank fermentation is carefullymonitored with temperatures allowedto fluctuate between 15 and 20C.The wine is matured in tank withFrench oak and lees stirring to imparttoasty flavours and creamy texture.
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