2021 Haut Brion

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Haut-Brion, a legendary estate The first vines appeared on the gravel hillsides of Haut-Brion in the first century AD. In 1521,Château Haut-Brion became the first Bordeaux vintage to be named after its terroir, not after the owner or the parish, the first luxury wine brand in the world, obtaining the rare distinction of Premier Grand Cru Classé (Classified First Growth) in the 1855 classification, the only vintage not in the Médoc to receive this prestigious title. Also Grand Cru Classé de Graves, it is the only estate to have both classifications, which make it even more unique. When he purchased Château Haut-Brion in 1935, Clarence Dillon restored it to its former glory and to the elite circle of the most legendary wines in the world. This extraordinary, bold, courageous vision is now continued by the fourth generation of the family, represented by Prince Robert of Luxembourg, Chairman and CEO since 2008. The property stands facing Château La Mission Haut-Brion and shares with it the same gravelly terrace, ideal for cultivating vines already named Haut-Brion on ancient maps and deeds. The vineyard stretches across an area of 51 hectares, 48 of which are planted with red grapes varieties and about 3 hectares are devoted to white grape varieties. As John Locke and Thomas Jefferson did, many came over the ages to examine and admire this terroir, trying to solve their conundrum: How could a soil so poor produce such magnificent wines? Centuries have passed, know-how has been acquired, traditions have been preserved and enriched by an innovative and modern vision and, today, the wines produced each year at Haut-Brion reveal the quintessence of this exceptional terroir. The 2021 vintage, an ode to the terroir 2021 has once again shown the inestimable value of Haut-Brion's terroir. Its privileged position mainly protected it from frost damages and the heavy rain during the months of May and June has little impact on the vines thanks to its draining gravelly soils which lie on clay and limestone. Haut-Brion’s terroir is famous and renowned for its earliness, highly beneficial in years when maturity is long awaited. So, the harvests of red grapes begin on 13th September for a first plot, before really getting into full swing on 20th September. In the end, ripeness is attained, with tremendous freshness in the grapes and lower degrees of alcohol than in past years, reminding us of classic Bordeaux vintages of the 1990s. Behind 2021 vintage's scenes: Tasting note The colour is a beautiful, dark purple. The first nose is very aromatic, fine, compact and fruity. On swirling, fruitiness is predominant, pure, fresh and delicate. The first taste is short, rich and delicious. The sensations of powerfulness and delicacy merge and rouse interest. Then the wine develops, full and continuous. The structure is plump, fresh and fruity. It gives a sensation of pleasure. The wine stretches out on the finish, leaving a lovely feeling and a sense of thickness. Haut-Brion 2021 is definitely a great success. "Haut Brion rouge is a candidate for the title of wine of the vintage" , William Kelley - Wine Advocate