2021 Cantenac Brown

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Cantenac Brown, the most Scottish estate in Margaux Witness of the Scottish origins of its founder John-Lewis Brown, the emblem of Cantenac Brownis its remarkable Tudor style chateau. The 60 hectares of vines surrounding it are spread over the prestigious plateaus of Margaux and Cantenac. Since the end of 2019, with the arrival of Le Lous Family, a new wind of enthusiasm has been blowing across the team of this 3rd Classified Growth in 1855. Today, Tristan Le Lous, an agronomist with a passion for oenology and the owner, and José Sanfins, general manager, are very involved in managing the estate and are inextricably linked with the estate’s modern history. The meeting of this twosome was a pivotal milestone. In 2020, driven by their ambition to produce one of the best wines of Margaux appellation, the two men embarked on a spectacular challenge, a form of quest for the absolute, for which the demand for environmental quality was raised to the highest possible level: building a new and unrivalled zero-carbon cellar made of raw earth. The latest project born from this creative energy that animates the teams: the collaboration with the artist David Popa for the creation of a magnificent ephemeral work of art made in the heart of Cantenac Brown's vineyard with raw earth and natural pigments: The 2021 vintage, good things come to those who wait José Sanfins tells you about this vintage: The 2021 vintage will remain in our memory as a year that constantly tested our ability to adapt to varying weather conditions. Particularly for this vintage, the Cantenac Brown team’s experience has allowed us to adjust quickly to each scenario. After a year on the deck, from the cold front at the end of April to the humid early summer, our hard work over the year will have finally paid off. Cantenac Brown 2021, a bright, velvety and fleshy wine The first vats are very aromatic with notable hints of raspberry.The Merlots are softer than usual and the Cabernets more concentrated.The blend of the two varietals should give a round and full-bodied wine,with fine and elegant tannins. Typically, Bordeaux. The balance is excellent between acidity and roundness.