The Vignerons de Mancey Story
A few kilometres from Tournus and the Saône river, Cave de Mancey is in the heart of lovely countryside. The landscape is open, soft and rounded. The vines alternate with meadows and woods. Created in 1929, the Cave currently groups the production of some 80 vine-growers, with 140 hectares of vines spread over 8 villages around Mancey. The Cave vinifies the grapes from all the Burgundy grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Aligoté and Gamay – which thrive wonderfully in the terroirs of the Mâconnais.
Why's this wine for you?

Wine can be expensive. We all know that, but sometimes encounters with it can be a little surreal.

Sitting in a restaurant recently, we happened to flip open the wine list randomly and spy a single bottle for $45,000. $45,000? Where are we? Ah, of course. Burgundy.

Now, does a $45000 wine taste 4500 times better than a $10 wine? Of course not! These things are all about marketing and availability.

2020 Vignerons de Mancey is without a doubt one of best value Burgundy in the country. It's a classic expression of Pinot Noir, from a near century-old grower group known for producing outstanding bargains.

Perfumed red and blue fruits, underscored by a mushroom-y earthiness, a smattering of baking spice, cool, clean tannins, and slow moving acidity.

Finally, great tasting Burgundy at a great price.

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To the eye, they are richly coloured - crimson at first then, with age, shading towards dark ruby. To the nose they offer at first a basket of small red and black fruits (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, bilberry) later evolving into cooked prune, peppery notes, and notes of animal, underbrush, moss and mushroom. They are lively and structured in the mouth with a well-rounded and supple backbone. Tannins and fruit go hand in hand and the chewiness matches the power of the secondary aromas. This wine has volume and flesh- it is, in a word, vinous.
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