The San Marzano Story
San Marzano is a small village in the centre of the Primitivo di Manduria DOC region, a strip of land kissed by the two seas of the Salento: the Ionian and the Adriatic. In 1962 the DOC appellation did not yet exist. Even so, 19 winemakers came together to follow a dream and founded Cantine San Marzano. However, it wasn't until 1996 and the introduction of a new bottling plant that San Marzano wines could move from commodity to brand. With the growth of the brand and company, San Marzano set themselves a goal: 'To make a wine just like the one our fathers did and make it original and contemporary.' This was to be the Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP, one of the iconic labels of the company, and one which embodies the essence of the San Marzano philosophy. Today the collective continues to flourish with the aquisition of new vineyards and opportunities to explore.
Why's this wine for you?

The 2020 San Marzano Edda Lei Salento IGP Bianco has landed and is looking as fantastic as before. This Chardonnay blend wouldn’t look out of place if it were to come from the old Roxburgh Vineyard in the Hunter, or something more akin to the latter-day Scarborough White label Chardonnays. Like those Australian classics, this too is chock full of goodness (saying its flavour-packed would be an understatement). Peach, biscuit dough, creme Anglaise, Bethonga pineapple and white flowers all dance around a toasty core, with enormous length, and a singular drive that is unmistakably the San Marzano calling card. A shrinking violet, this is not.

There is very little left to the imagination with this wine, serious bottle, serious label, and super-serious juice. Using predominantly Chardonnay fruit from Salento in Puglia (where they throw in a small amount of some local indigenous varieties for good measure), this wine gets the absolute royal treatment expected of a Burgundian Chardonnay or top-tiered Australian Chardonnay.

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The Brief
Net Volume
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Sweet Very Dry
Wine Scale 3
How's it taste?
A distinctive blend of Chardonnay, Minutolo, Moscatello Selvatico and other varieties, delivering aromas of sun-ripened peach and mellow floral aromatics, which are interwoven with delicate hints of vanilla. Fresh and beautifully balanced, the rounded palate is elegantly styled and has a touch of minerality on the finish.
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Expert Review
Expert Review
99 Points
Luca Maroni
99 Points. Wines like this seemed like mirages up to ten years ago. Simple, marvellous fruit: now Mediterranean, now tropical, now temperate, now rich in essences, while the same grapes seem especially sappy and fully ripe. No defects or oxidised hints that alter its limpidity and expressive integrity. With the sweetness of the fruit that releases oak's mint, with the candour of icing and jasmine. With a touch of pulpy viscous density, a palatial balance of absolute roundness and yet of an innervating gustatory acidity. A wine of maximum analytical and sensorial value that, like the rainbow, in a crystalline way, spreads its wonderful wheel of aromas.
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