2020 Pointe

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

The famous  “ Cocks & Féret” Bordeaux wine guide is considered a reference to this day. The 1868 edition positioned Château La Pointe alongside Beauregard, Clinet, La Conseillante, L’Evangile, Gazin, Nénin, Petit Village, Rouget and Trotanoy. To quote: “ (after) great improvements in this vineyard (…) its wines, previously considered second growths, have been selling as first growths for almost the last ten years.” At that time La Pointe already boasted 23 hectares, and thanks to its splendid Directoire-style mansion was one of the first in Pomerol to be allowed to use the name “Château”. This special status has always contributed to positioning the property among the most important of the appellation. Records show that the property received awards as early as 1882 with a silver medal at the Exhibition of Bordeaux, as well as at the Universal Exhibition of Amsterdam in 1883. This estate has always produced quality wines, even if wine professionals consider that the “Beauty” was perhaps “Sleeping” for a while. Then in 2007 a change of ownership breathed a new energy into this historic domain, enabling it to express all the potential of its vineyard and re-establish its former prestige. Key Points - One of the five biggest wineries in Pomerol with 23 hectares - A good quality and well rated wine Area 23 ha Soil Small gravel and pebble soils of the Isle river terrace, clayey-gravel and sandy soils over clay or gravel sub-soils Tasting comment The vintage 2020 is looking splendid. First we are impressed by the magnificent, intense purply hue, the deep ruby core and the brilliance that signals that perfect balance between ripe fruit and aromatic freshness. Then come the multiple aromas, with subtle, fresh notes of small wild berries, floral scents too, with peony and violet, and spicy notes of black pepper and sandalwood. The palate boasts an opulence and an elegance surpassing previous vintages at Château La Pointe. The smooth, pure taste, maintained by a fantastic tension, is a real treat for the senses. This balance is also the result of years of efforts to improve vine growing practices, bringing life back to the soils and energy to the vines. This 2020 will undoubtedly delight connoisseurs of great Pomerol wines.