2020 Joanin Bécot

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

After the 2000 vintage, Juliette Bécot and her father Gérard Bécot wanted to join forces to acquire a new family property. A new challenge for Gérard, and for his daughter Juliette, who was taking her first steps in this magical and fascinating profession. Days and seasons go by but never look alike. It was while looking the neighboring Appellations of Saint-Emilion, a property offering great potential due to the quality of its wines and its terroirs, that they discovered Château Joanin in Saint-Philippe-d'Aiguille. With the desire to personalize this vineyard, they wanted to add their family name to it. Thus, they gave life to this wine, by giving it a first name and a family name: "Joanin Bécot". Their main desire, throughout each vintage, is to preserve all the flavors and charm of the fruit, while relying on the notion of terroirs, which are truly attractive and promising in the appellation of "Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux". Key Points - Family owned and managed - Very small production - A good quality and well rated wine Surface area 15 ha, 50a Soils Clay-limestone with marine fossils Average age of the vines 40 years Yield 20 hl/ha Harvest and sorting Manual harvest with 3 stages of sorting grapes (2 before destemming, 1 after) Vinification Small 70 hl stainless-steel vats (looking like pan, with height < width and with temperature control) Plot selection, manuel cap-punching Vatting over a period of 30 days Malolactic fermentation in vats Blending in January 2021 Ageing in progress 50% new barrel, 10% one wine barrel, 25% vats, 15% amphora